Studio or Outdoor Maternity Session?

Things to consider when deciding on the style of your maternity session

You’re all set to book your maternity shoot, and you’ve been browsing through so many stunning photos – the excitement is real! Now, you’re at the crossroads of deciding whether to embrace the beauty of nature’s backdrop or opt for the elegant vibe of a studio setting. Let me lend you a hand in this decision-making process because, trust me, there’s a lot to consider.

Outdoor Session

Nothing quite compares to the breathtaking display of nature – and how it effortlessly complements this incredible phase of growth within you. It’s the most natural harmony in the world. Personally, I’m a nature enthusiast through and through. There’s something enchanting about the sun’s glow and the lush forest colors – they create an awe-inspiring backdrop. However, I’m pretty choosy about locations, because I know where the magic truly happens. I’ve scouted out specific spots over time, and I wholeheartedly suggest relying on my recommendations.

Now, if you have a specific location in mind that holds a special spot in your heart, do let me know. I’ll make it my mission to scout it out and find the ideal place to capture your stunning portraits. One thing to keep in mind about outdoor shoots is timing. You might have heard about the “golden hour,” and let me tell you, it’s legit. Harsh daylight isn’t a friend for photos – it creates stark shadows and blinding backgrounds. The sweet spot is early morning or evening, around 1-2 hours before or after sunrise. Plus, when it comes to the golden hour, being punctual is non-negotiable. It’s a brief magical period, and the session is being planned around it, so being on time is a must.

Thinking of including your kiddos in a few shots? Remember especially for the younger ones, timing is key. Mornings are usually when kids are happiest, and as the day goes on, the crankiness can sneak in.

When it comes to your session, let’s put the wardrobe front and center – in fact, it’s arguably the most crucial element to consider. And here’s the wonderful news – I have client closet with a variety of stunning high end maternity dresses that’s at your disposal, regardless of whether you’re leaning towards a studio or an outdoor session. For those outdoor vibes, you’ve got the chance to switch up your outfit twice, so you’ve got two changes to play with. Now, the choice is yours – you can either bring along your own fabulous picks or glamour up with a gorgeous gown from the client closet. As you decide on what to wear, think about the kind of mood you’re aiming for in your session. Consider the colors that resonate with you, what complements your natural beauty, and, of course, factor in the season. Here you can get all the details about outfit options and also take a sneak peek into the client closet. It’s like your own personal style haven! 🌟👗

Client Closet !

One last advise, wear something you can change out easily! A strapless bra, skin tone underwear is highly recommended.

Studio Session

Now let’s dive into the world of studio sessions. While I’m all about embracing the outdoors, I must admit, studio sessions have this insane hold on me. Why? Because studios open up a universe of options, especially thanks to incredible technological developments like AI. Now, just to get this straight upfront – I don’t use AI to change who you are in any way. However, this tech wizardry enables me to craft breathtaking, fully customized backgrounds. Seriously, your imagination sets the rules here!

So, let’s chat about the advantages of a studio sessions . First off, we’re playing immune to the elements. Rainstorm on the horizon? No problem, your session is still happening. Also, let’s talk summer heat. When you’re 8+ months pregnant, dealing with 90+ degrees is a bit of a workout. Heck, even without the baby bump, it’s a sauna out there. But in the cozy, air-conditioned studio? Oh, the comfort is real, especially during those hotter months.

And variety? Just a quick scroll through my maternity gallery, and you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever choose a setup. Also maternity boudoir is a big hit with our clients. Nature crafted us in this incredible, beautiful way, and I’m a firm believer that the pregnant body is an absolute masterpiece. Now, if you’re feeling a bit unsure about being photographed in the nude while carrying, because maybe you think you’re not quite like the mamas on our site or you’re not sure about the poses – don’t sweat it. I’ll be your guide throughout the session. Trust me, nothing’s random here. Every angle, every hint of light, the play of expressions – it’s all meticulously thought through to create the most breathtaking maternity portraits. This especially holds true for maternity boudoir photography, where light and shadows, plus body positioning, are the magic ingredients for showcasing that radiant bump. Seriously, you’re gonna adore it!

Also I have a little secret to share with you. If you love the idea of studio but also adore outdoor pictures, I have quite a few outdoor backdrops and you probably will not even believe me that they are photographed in studio. So this allows you to have both looks in one session.

Now, here’s a really important thing – think about whether you’re vibing with a simple setup or if you’re all about that glamorous flair. Or maybe a bit of both? The bottom line is, just let me know your preference when we plan out your session, feel free to send me inspiration, so I can deliver exactly what you’re dreaming of.

Oh, and one more perk of a studio session? You’ve 3 outfit choices, so we’re talking three distinct looks. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? 📸👗

If you have any more questions, of if there is anything I did not cover, please feel free to contact me.

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I am looking forward to working with you and helping you create magic!

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