Client Closet

Step into a world of photography luxury with our extensive client wardrobe, boasting a stunning collection of high-end gowns and accessories. Carefully selected to tailor to your individual style, our range of outfits ensures a seamless and elegant look, adding an exquisite touch to your photoshoot.

How to choose your wardrobe for your maternity session


When deciding on your wardrobe for the maternity session, consider the style that resonates with you—whether it’s glamour, simplicity, or a modern flair. Are you drawn to big flowy dresses, or do you prefer the combination of blue jeans and a bra? Perhaps you love a bit of both worlds? Rest assured, each session allows for three outfits, providing you with ample options to explore different looks and vibes that truly reflect your unique personality and vision.

Color Range

First question off course is the gender of your baby. Most of my clients do not choose pink if they are having a baby boy and are staying away from blues if they are having a baby girl. All the other colors are perfect for both genders. You will for sure look stunning in any color but think about what you look best in? This is your moment to shine!

Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Coordinating family outfits for a maternity session can be a daunting task and quickly overwhelm, but don’t let this stress you. The key is to choose a few complementary colors and weave them into each family member’s attire, with the focus centered around the mom-to-be. You want to color coordinate, not color match. To avoid distractions in the photographs, I recommend steering clear of overly busy patterns or logos (and don’t let your little one persuade you to let him where his new spiderman shirt). Instead, opt for classic and elegant textures that add depth and interest without overwhelming the overall composition. While choosing colors, consider the location and season of the session, aiming for hues that harmonize with the surroundings. Soft, pastel tones can evoke a serene and intimate ambiance, while vibrant colors can add a touch of energy and excitement. Both are equally beautiful, but it all depends on your preference.

Our client closet

We are continuously adding beautiful high end gowns and accessories to our client closet, most of them fit several sizes.

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