Backdrop Options for your Luxury Studio Maternity Session

Step into a world of photography luxury with our extensive client wardrobe, boasting a stunning collection of high-end gowns and accessories. Carefully selected to tailor to your individual style, our range of outfits ensures a seamless and elegant look, adding an exquisite touch to your photoshoot.

Beautiful black pregnant woman in a black gown standing in front of a stunning set up with boho styled decoration.

How to choose your Backdrop for your maternity session


A photo session is a step into a different world. So when you think about the style of your session, don’t immediately think of your own every day style. This is the moment where you can do something you have never done before! Step out of your comfort zone and just be crazy for one. day. You are usually more the Jeans and sneakers kind of girl? Go wild, wear a beautiful gown from my closet and step into a grand castle ball room. Where a crown, sit on the throne and be queen for a day. You love butterflies? I got you! There are a lot of traditional backdrop options, but with the development of AI there is no limit to what can be done. Want to walk with lions in Africa? Why not! Important to me is communication because i want you to LOVE your pictures. I want you to cry of happiness when you open your gallery. So if you have a vision let me know, so I can create something just for you.

Color Range

The color of your background will depend a lot off course on your choice of gowns and outfits. A lof of my baby girl clients love the soft pinks and off course I do a lot of baby blues for my baby boy clients. But there is so much more to choose from A rich red looks so amazing, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. So does a deep yellow in the summer or fall. Whatever color you pick I will coordinate around it so your maternity session will be just perfect. If you like something specific make sure to send it to me before your maternity session!

Cant wait to create magic with you!

Simple background options

A lot of my clients love simplicity. It puts emphasis on the mommy to be without too may background distractions. And simple does not mean boring, lots of my maternity boudoir photography is on the more simplistic side and jeans outfits look fantastic on a plain white background. Flowing fabrics are always a client favorite and amazing on a dark background.

Elaborate background options

The power of AI (artificial intelligence) is absolutely amazing. I incorporate in many of my sessions and lots of my clients absolutely love it. It allows the creating of very customized and unique set ups that you will not see anywhere else.

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