Outdoor Photography at Callaway Gardens, GA

A girl in a purple dress in a beautiful colorful tulip field during her photo session at Callaway Gardens

We are in the lucky position to live just minutes down the road from one of the most beautiful privately owned parks in Georgia. Callaway Gardens is well known for its attractions, for example the famous “Fantasy in lights” , the entire gardens decorated in sparkling Christmas lights, which are absolutely amazing. Through out the year, Callaway has many fun events, that are always worth a visit.

But off course it has so much more to offer. A beautiful lake for swimming and spending a day in the summer heat, playgrounds for the kids, activity centers, flower gardens, bike trails, just a fantastic place to spend a great day and enjoy nature.

I used to go there countless times with our kids when they were little and it was always a special time for them.

Being a photographer, I could not be any luckier. Every photographer is constantly on the lookout for the perfect spot to take the perfect shot. When I drive down a highway I marvel at the beautiful, yet unreachable flowers on the median, or the flowering trees in a Walmart parking lot. Just not the right spot for a family or maternity photo shoot.

When I drive down the country road on a late autumn day I am always in awe of the stunning fall colors, picking out specific trees that are particularly red or orange and tell my husband “ look at this tree, that would be so pretty for pictures”. Honestly , my family does not even list anymore, they heard it so many times.

So for me, Callaway Gardens is a dream come true. So many pretty places for maternity, family or kids photography. In spring there are blossoms everywhere! The Azalea Garden is phenomenal , a world bathed in pink, red and white flowers. It is actually the world biggest Azalea Garden, I bet you did not even know that! I always get a little sad when their time is over or a terrible rain storm brings an early end to all the beauty. The delicate, but abundant floral bushes are a perfect backdrop for princess and fairytale session and off course my maternity clients.

A fairly new attraction is the tulip field! Who does not love tulips? My absolute favorite flowers. I am so excited about capturing some sweet moments in the colorful fields.

Nature changes in the blink of an eye, so I spend a lot of time just driving through looking for a little beauty around the corner. A patch of daffodils at the side of the road for a kids sessions is just amazing.

The butterfly house (so much fun to visit for young and old) is surrounded by an amazing Hydrangea garden. Beautiful blossoms of rich purples, pinks and blues and stunning whites, one of my favorite spots for my family photography and maternity photography. At the right time, close to golden hour it is the most dreamy little place, and so tranquil.  

A lot of people say when living in the south they miss the seasons and the autumn colors and I cannot at all agree with that. We might not to able to compete with Indian Summer in the northern states, and autumn in the south does start kind of late, but once the colors start changing it goes on for the longest time. By December, when the north is cold and grey, Georgia is still boasting of rich reds and yellows and the wonderful thing is  that at this time of the year the weather is just perfect. Beautiful sunny days, and great temperatures to enjoy the outdoors. And at Callaway Gardens  with a variety of trees the color display is just phenomenal.

So if you are planning a little family getaway, just to get out for a weekend, or getting the whole extended family together for the holidays, there is absolutely no better time than that to squeeze in an hour for a photo shoot and freeze those memories.

All my photograpy sessions include access to the gardens for 2 adults and a maximum of 4 children, so if you plan it right, you can spend some wonderful time after your session exploring the beauty of Callaway Gardens, maybe dip into Robin Lake to to cool down a little and have a cold beverage at their resort style bar, and your kids will definitely love the reward after hopefully behaving during your family photography session.

Ready to book? Excited to see magic created right in front of you?

Please get in touch with me for more information and to book your photography session at Callaway Gardens!      

Cant wait to create magic with you!

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